Single Family Development Program


Due to unexpected and unfavorable housing market conditions, the City of Houston has made the difficult decision to discontinue the Harvey Single Family Development Program.


Percentage of Houstonian owner-occupied homes


Percentage of owner-occupied households affected by Harvey

Hurricane Harvey impacted 27% of all Houston households. Of the total households impacted by Hurricane Harvey, 54% were owner-occupied households. Nearly 32% of those owner-occupied households were impacted by floodwaters. More than 23% of homeowners spend more than 30% of their monthly income on housing.

Houston was short on affordable single-family homes before Hurricane Harvey. Now, our need is even more urgent. The Harvey Single Family Development Program will create will provide affordable, newly constructed, energy efficient, single-family homes, outside of the flood-prone areas of Houston for Houstonians earning less than 80% Area Median Income impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Read more about Area Median Income here.

Single Family Development

Homebuyers choose their homes, so long as the property is located within the City of Houston and meets safety and quality standards. The City can assist with down payments, closing costs, or principle buydown, depending on the buyer’s needs.

The City then provides a no-interest, forgivable loan, secured by a lien. The loan is fulfilled if the buyer lives in the home for 5 years. If the buyer sells or moves out of the home before that time, they reimburse the City for only a prorated portion of the original loan amount.

Guidelines & Additional Resources

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