Workforce Protections

The Harvey Multifamily Program is raising the bar for worker protection. In April 2019, Mayor Turner announced a collaboration with Gulf Coast AFL-CIO, Workers’ Defense Project, Texas Organizing Project, and HOME Coalition to implement new worker protection measures in all projects funded by the Harvey Multifamily Program.

Protections for workers include:

  • Healthcare: Each apprentice and Section 3 employee must be guaranteed healthcare equivalent to the City’s Pay or Play system. This standard guarantees that workers will be given sufficient healthcare coverage and assistance paying for costs.
  • Safety Training: Every worker on the site of a project must receive 10 hours or more of OHSA training. In addition, a manager with at least 30 hours of OHSA training will be on-site at all times.
  • Workers’ compensation: All contractors will provide workers’ compensation coverage to all workers and will report on these guarantees to the City.
  • Wages: Each employee will receive at a minimum either $15/hour or a wage that meets the requirements of the Davis-Bacon and Related Act (DBRA).
  • Section 3 and Apprenticeship Opportunities: Contractors must employ a certain number of Section 3 employees and apprentices and ensure that these individuals are completing a major portion of the project, as defined within the Program Guidelines .

These protections were announced on March 26, 2019 as part of the Notice of Funding Availability for the first round of funding for the Program.