Harvey Homebuyer Assistance Program

Homeownership is a dream for many Houstonians but may be out of reach for low-income residents. The City offers up to $30,000 to income-qualified Houstonians who are first-time homebuyers or are replacing a home that was damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Our assistance is a no-interest, forgivable loan secured by a lien. The loan is fulfilled if the buyer lives in the home for five years. If the buyer sells or moves out of the home before the end of five years, they will pay back the City for a portion of the original loan amount.

By Answering Yes, you may qualify for the Harvey Homebuyer Assistance Program

Lived in Houston during Hurricane Harvey (August 2017)? - Check Eligibility

First-Time Homebuyer OR Lost a Home in Hurricane Harvey?

Willing to attend a homebuyer education course?

Able to obtain a fixed-rate mortgage from a lender?

Household income at or below 120% Area Median Income ?

First Steps

2. Take an 8-hour homebuyer education course

3. Get a pre-approval letter from a lender for a fixed-rate mortgage

The Harvey Homebuyer Assistance Program has three distinct phases, as detailed below.

Phase 1: Intake

To start, the applicant must submit all documents on the Applicant Document Checklist , including:

Pre-approval letter
Homebuyer education course certificate
Statement and Explanation of Facts (Form 1010)
First-Time Homebuyer Status and Certification of Property Ownership
Conflict of Interest Form
Affidavit of No Child Support Owed
Certificate of Zero Income
Program Application/Intake Form
Before submitting an application, the applicant must call 832.393.0550 to receive their applicant ID number
See the full list

The City then reviews all materials. If accepted, the City will issue a Conditional Reservation Letter.

Incomplete applications cannot be processed. Please be sure that you have collected all the documents on the Document Checklist before submitting your application.

Phase 2 (Property Inspection/Underwriting)

Once you receive a Conditional Reservation Letter, it is time to put a property under contract.

Your lender will need to submit all the documents on the Property & Lenders Checklist, including:

Property Data Sheet
Loan Disclosure Form
Acknowledgement of Lead Based Paint Notice
Notice to Sellers
See the full list

The City then reviews these materials and places our loan assistance into underwriting. Meanwhile, the property will be inspected and given an environmental review.

If approved, the City will then issue a Commitment Letter .

Phase 3 (Funding and Post-Closing)

Once you receive a Commitment Letter, you will complete a pre-closing meeting.

Instructions and loan closing documents are sent to title and lender, who submit pre-closing documents, including:

Wiring Instructions for funds
Preliminary Closing Disclosure
Form C HbAP Insurance Benefits and Expenditures
Sample Commitment Letter
See the full list

Funds from the Harvey Homebuyer Assistance Program are wired on the day of closing.

The title and lender will then submit post-closing documents, including:

  • Original Executed City Deferred Payment Loan Note
  • Final Certified Closing Disclosure

How to submit documents

You may submit your application in one of four ways:

Via Email
Via Online Portal
Via Mail or In person

Send or take to:

Housing & Community Development Department
2100 Travis Street, 9th Floor
Houston, TX, 77002

Frequently Asked Questions - Applicants

Frequently Asked Questions - Lenders

Questions about the program?