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City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department
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Public Notices Archive

Document NameDate ReleasedAlternative Language
DR17 - Contract Amendment 1 15-Sept-23Español
Dian Street Villas - Funding Increase 15-Sept-23
Harvey HoAP Correction of Legal Documents 16-Mar-23Español
Imperial Valley Drive New Lease Agreement 2-Aug-23Español
Additional Funds for St.Elizabeth Place 2-Aug-23Español
OST Lofts - CDBG Block Grant Correction 13-Jun-23
OST Lofts - CDBG Block Grant Correction 28-Nov-22Español
RZ Enterprises USA, Inc - TIRZ Bonds 13-Nov-22Español
Homeowner Assistance Program (HoAP) - Guidelines and Legal Documents Revision 4-Nov-22Español
Hardy Yards - Option Agreement Announcement 4-Nov-22Español
Hay Center - CDBG Block Grant Correction 19-Sep-22Español
Draft Guidelines Announcement - Harvey Single Family Development Program 2-Sep-22Español
3300 Caroline St. - Correction 28-Jun-22Español
Fulton and James - DBG DR-17 14-Jun-22Español
Cityscape - Notice Of Intent To Request Release Of Funds 20-May-22
Rawley Rental Cottages - Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) 20-May-22
OST Lofts - FONSI Notice 5-Apr-22
Webster Block Homes - FONSI Notice 22-Mar-22
The Cottages at Chanay Lane - FONSI Notice 7-Mar-22
Harris Center & Winzer Park - HOME Funds 15-Dec-21Español
4522 Brittmoore Road - CDBG DR-17 31-Dec-21
Chew Street Rowhomes - FONSI Notice 3-Feb-22
OST Lofts - Early Notice and Public Review of a Proposed Activity in a 100-Year Floodplain 13-Jan-22
Sidney Palms - FONSI Notice 13-Jan-22
OST & Tabor St. - Correction 2-Nov-21Español
Berry Center and Orchard at Hull - Correction 19-Oct-21Español
OST Lofts - Early Notice and Public Review of a Proposed Activity in a 100-Year Floodplain 10-Nov-21
The Orchards at Hull-Calhoun - FONSI Notice 19-Oct-21
The Berry Center - FONSI Notice 19-Oct-21
Fulton and James Rental Project - FONSI Notice 11-Oct-21
Sweetwater Pointe - FONSI Notice 6-Oct-21
Imperial Valley - FONSI Notice 9-Sep-21
W. Leo Daniels Tower - FONSI Notice 31-Aug-21
DR17 Small Rental Developments - CDBG-DR-17 3-Aug-21Español
BR Buckner - TWH - E 11-Aug-21Español
New Hope Savoy - Correction 22-Jun-21Español
New Hope Savoy - Correction 9-Jun-21Español
2403 Caroline St. - Correction 15-Jun-21Español
Multifamily Developments - Public Comment Announcement 4-Jun-21Español
Carlene Lofts - CDBG Block Grant 18-May-21Español
HRP Applicant - COI Submission 17-May-21Español
11810 Chimney Rock - 1-4-1 Plan 10-May-21Español
Hay Center - CDBG Block Grant 10-May-21Español
CDBG DR-17 Small Rental - CDBG Block Grant 10-May-21Español
3200 MacGregor Way - 1-4-1 Plan 6-May-21Español
Sunrise Lofts - LOA 26-Feb-21Español
Sunrise Lofts - LOA 6-May-21Español
MAGO - LOA 3-May-21Español
Public Services DR17 - HOPWA Correction 04.21 3-May-21Español
Imperial Valley - 1-4-1 Plan 21-Apr-21Español
COI HbAP - CDBG DR-17 17-Apr-21Español
Richmond Senior Village - CDBG Block Grant 9-Apr-21Español
Old Spanish Trail Apartments - FONSI Notice 26-Jul-21
Richmond Senior Village - FONSI Notice 7-Jul-21
Sunrise Lofts - FONSI Notice 14-Jun-21
Temenos Place Apartments - FONSI Notice 11-Jun-21
Summit at Renaissance - FONSI Notice 11-Jun-21
5312 Clarewood Dr - FONSI Notice 30-Apr-21
Caroline Lofts - FONSI Notice 26-Apr-21
Imperial Valley Dr. CDBG Block Grant 21-Apr-21Español
3300 Caroline - FONSI Notice 11-Apr-21
Connect South - FONSI Notice 6-Apr-21
Ella Grand - FONSI Notice 6-Apr-21
3200 N Macgregor Way - FONSI Notice 25-Mar-21
HEDP Dream Fund Lift Fund 8-Feb-21Español
HEDP Dream Fund Lift Fund 8-Feb-21Español
5312 Clarewood - Correction 28-Jan-21Español
Harvey Single Family Program Guidelines Revision 29-Jan-21
Dian Street Villas - Notice Of Finding No Significant Impact And Notice Of Intent To Request Release Of Funds 20-Jan-21
Dian Street Villas - Final Floodplain Notice 20-Jan-21
Dian Street Villas - Final Floodplain Notice 19-Jan-21
Heritage Senior Residences - Combined Notice of Finding of No Signigicant Impact and Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds 30-Dec-20
Southlawn at Milby 8-Dec-20
CDBG DR-17 Connect South 6-Nov-20Español
CDBG DR-17 BakerRipley 17-Nov-20
CDBG DR-17 BakerRipley 23-Sep-20Español
Canal Lofts 19-Oct-20
Correction: Campanile on Briar Hollow 25-Sep-20Español
Early Floodplain Notice - Regency Lofts 8-Oct-20
Early Floodplain Notice - Dian Street Villas 5-Oct-20
Correction: Avenue on 34th
7-Aug-20 Español
Correction: Avenue on 34th
21-Jul-20 Español
Public Notice: 5117 Lavender St - CDBG DR-17 1-Jun-20Español
Public Notice: CDBG DR17 W Little York 15-May-20Español
Environmental Public Notice- Elgin Place Apartments 13-May-20
Public Notice - Harvey PS Third Batch 21-Apr-20Español
Public Notice: CDBG-DR17 HEDP Program Guidelines 17-Feb-20Español
Public Notice: CDBG-DR17 Multifamily Voluntary Buyout - 3200 MacGregor 28-Feb-20Español
Floodplain Notice - West Little York Apartments 2-Apr-20
Environmental Notice - West Little York Apartments 2-Apr-20
Public Notice: Avenue 34th 2-Apr-20
Environmental Notice - New Hope Housing: Avenue J 16-Mar-20
Public Notice: Harvey Public Services 12-Feb-20Español
Public Notice: T-29314 Notice of Funding Availability Round 2-DR-17 5-Jan-20
Public Notice Correction: McKee City Living - DR-17 15-Jan-20Español
Early Flood Notice for 2100 Memorial 18-Dec-19
Public Notice: CDBG- DR17 Public Services 2-Dec-19Español
Public Notice: CDBG-DR17 HRSR Guidelines 5-Dec-19Español
Public Notice: CDBG-DR17 Multifamily Part 2 5-Dec-19Español
CDBG Harvey Comments on HoAP Guideline Changes 15-Nov-19
McKee City Living Environmental Public Notice 12-Nov-19
900 Winston Environmental Notice 30-Oct-19
South Rice FONSI Environmental Notice 21-Oct-19
Briarwest Early Flood Notice 18-Oct-19
Bellfort Park's Notice of Intent to Request a Release of Funds (NOIRROF) 8-Oct-19
Harvey Buyout Program Guidelines 7-Oct-19
CDBG DR 17 Guideline Amendments 26-Jun-19Español
Additional $99,923,703 in CDBG-DR funds for long-term housing recovery from Hurricane Harvey25-Jan-19
Harvey Single-Family Development (HSFD) Guidelines 26-Nov-18
Disaster Recovery Public Services Program Guidelines 19-Nov-18
Harvey Homebuyer Assistance Program (HBAP) Guidelines 16-Nov-18
Disaster Recovery (DR-17) Multifamily Rental Program Guidelines 8-Nov-18
Homeowner Assistance Program and Harvey Recovery Small Rental Program Guidelines 16-Oct-18