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Mr. and Mrs. Zavala

Mr. and Mrs. Zavala have been living in their home in the Northside region for over 40 years. Both are active in civil organizations and well-regarded in their community. Mrs. Zavala recently performed at Miller Outdoor Theatre with her senior citizen group, and they’ve been featured in local news for their own story as long-time high school sweethearts! For such an active pair of community members, having a stable residence is vital.

The pair was one of many families to suffer major damages to the basic structure of their home. They will also be among the first group of families to start the reconstruction process of our #BuildItForward Homeowner Assistance Program. The Zavalas qualified to have their home completely rebuilt with flood-resistant design as a focus.

The Zavala family isn’t new to City programs – 35 years ago, they received City aid to redo their home. Having another rebuilding process is like another chapter in their history as Houstonians. Still, the applications took time and effort. “Stick with it,” Mr. Zavala encouraged. The pair are doing their best to support other homeowners seeking aid. They remain grateful and optimistic about about their own construction, joking about adopting their housing specialist, Nancy, as a member of their family.

Demolition day for the Zavala family was August 1. We will be following up with them regularly as construction continues, so check our social media feeds for updates!

The process for seeking assistance for Harvey repairs takes time but is possible for those who are in need. Start by taking the Harvey Recovery Survey at

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