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Workforce Protections

The Multifamily disaster recovery program is raising the bar for worker protection. In April 2019, Mayor Turner announced a collaboration with Gulf Coast AFL-CIO, Workers’ Defense Project, Texas Organizing Project, and HOME Coalition to implement new worker protection measures in all projects funded by the Harvey Multifamily Program.

Protections for workers include:

  • Healthcare: Each apprentice and Section 3 employee must be guaranteed healthcare equivalent to the City’s Pay or Play system. This standard guarantees that workers will be given sufficient healthcare coverage and assistance paying for costs.
  • Safety Training: Every worker on the site of a project must receive 10 hours or more of OHSA training. In addition, a manager with at least 30 hours of OHSA training will be on-site at all times.
  • Workers’ compensation: All contractors will provide workers’ compensation coverage to all workers and will report on these guarantees to the City.
  • Wages: Each employee will receive at a minimum either $15/hour or a wage that meets the requirements of the Davis-Bacon and Related Act (DBRA).
  • Section 3 and Apprenticeship Opportunities: Contractors must employ a certain number of Section 3 employees and apprentices and ensure that these individuals are completing a major portion of the project, as defined within the Program Guidelines.

These protections were announced on March 26, 2019 as part of the Notice of Funding Availability for the first round of funding for the Program.

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