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Homeowner Assistance Program

32% of all home-owning households in Houston were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. 60% of impacted households are located outside the flood plain, meaning many homeowners do not have flood insurance.

Of the $1.27 billion devoted to hurricane recovery, over a third will go to Homeowner Assistance. Still, these funds are limited. Not all homeowners who apply may receive assistance. Priority will be given to those who need the most help first. Download the Program Overview or see other resources here. The Homeowner Assistance Program provides three primary options to help homeowners recover.

**Homeowners interested in the reimbursement-only program option have until December 31, 2019 to make repairs that could be eligible for the program. More information here.*

How It Works

Homeowners who qualify and are eligible for assistance can choose one of three solutions for repairing or rebuilding their home:

Solution 1
City Managed

  • The City manages and completes the construction process
  • Homeowners do not select contractors or deal directly with the contractor
  • The City’s contractors will repair or reconstruct damaged properties
  • Economy-grade materials/finishes only
  • Temporary relocation assistance

Solution 2
Homeowner Managed

  • Homeowners manage repair or reconstruction work
  • Homeowners select contractors and deal
    directly with the contractor
  • The City provides advisory services and
  • Program provides funds for economy grade finishes only, but homeowners are
    allowed to pay the difference for higher
    grade materials/finishes

Solution 3

  • Homeowners who have completed
    partial or full repairs before applying to the program may qualify for reimbursement of eligible expenses incurred before the application process or by December 31, 2019, whichever is sooner

Reimbursement may be combined with Solution 1 or 2, or be a stand-alone solution.

Program Impact

Currently, the first group of homeowners have received reimbursements, and several have begun the reconstruction process through the City-Managed Rehabilitation and Reconstruction option. Read their stories:

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