Harvey Economic Development Program

Hurricane Harvey generated long-term impact and challenges for Houston’s small business sector. The Harvey Economic Development Program (HEDP) provides support to impacted small businesses and communities through small business loans and grants. The program prioritizes microenterprises, which are defined as small businesses consisting of 5 employees or fewer, including the owner. This program will complement existing projects that focus on providing jobs and housing assistance to communities that are most vulnerable to the long-term impact of Hurricane Harvey.

Aims of the program:


Boosting the growth and capacity of microenterprises

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Promoting equity by providing capital to disadvantaged business owners

Small Business Resources

Supporting small contractors working with the City of Houston on post-Harvey reconstruction efforts

Small Business Grants


Total Program Budget

400-500 Businesses Served

Up To $150K
Per Applicant

Program Summary

The Harvey Economic Development Program’s Small Business Grant Program will offer grants to microenterprises in order to help businesses recover from the long-term impact of Hurricane Harvey. To be eligible, an applicant business must be a microenterprise that either 1) is owned by a low- or moderate-income resident or 2) will create at least one job for a low- or moderate-income resident.


Provide working capital and job creation grants for recovery and growth.

Eligible Businesses

Open to microenterprises across all business sectors.

Program Funding

Grants up to $150k per applicant

If your small business or microenterprise meets the eligibility requirements for the HEDP, you may qualify to receive support from this program. Applicants must complete the HEDP Application

Volunteers Needed

HCDD is seeking Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to volunteer to provide assistance to minority and women-owned businesses applying to our Harvey Economic Development Program (HEDP). HEDP will provide eligible microenterprises with access to working capital grants up to $100,000.

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Housing and Community Development Department


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Texas General Land office which oversees and approves all activities relating to Hurricane Harvey

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