RFPs, RFQs, NOFAS, & Contracts

This page includes information on procurement policies, procedures, and current and completed procurements.

The City of Houston's Strategic Procurement Department is the primary organization within the City authorized to issue bid invitations and requests for proposals, process and release purchase orders, and administer term contracts.

City Council votes on all contracts above $50,000. Houston City Council meets weekly on Wednesday mornings. Click here for the latest agenda. The Housing and Community Affairs Committee previews items that will come before City Council in a monthly public meeting.

Request for Proposal (RFP) / Request for Quotations (RFQ)

Solicitation NumberTitleDescriptionProgram AreaDate DueStatusBuyer Email
T29616 Comprehensive Hazard Mitigation and Risk Management PlanningRFPPlanningOctober 7, 2021Closedconley.jackson@houstontx.gov
Q29882 Professional Engineering Services for Stormwater Master PlanRFQPlanningJuly 29, 2021Closedbridget.cormier@houstontx.gov
T29763 Buy-In/Buy-Out PlanRFPPlanningJuly 8, 2021Closedbridget.cormier@houstontx.gov
T29675 Resilience Hubs – Houston Lily Pads PlanRFPPlanningJune 17, 2021Closedconley.jackson @houstontx.gov
I04182 Best Practices: Framing and Communicating about Affordable HomesRFPPlanningMay 7, 2021ClosedSyed.Taqvi@houstontx.gov
T29500 Market Value Analysis and Economic Development Investment StudyRFPPlanningJune 24, 2021Closedvalerie.player-kaufman@houstontx.gov
T29581 Neighborhood Resilience Planning ServicesRFPPlanningMay 27, 2021Closedvalerie.player-kaufman@houstontx.gov
T29687 City of Houston Construction Code ModernizationRFPPlanningMay 13, 2021Closedbarbara.fisher@houstontx.gov
T29638 Sidewalk Plan for Gulfton and Kashmere GardensRFPPlanningOctober 22, 2020Closedbenard.hubbard@houstontx.gov
T29220 On Call PlanningRFPPlanningSeptember 10, 2020Closedvalerie.player-kaufman@houstontx.gov
T26599 Outreach, Intake and Case Management ServicesRFPHoAPMay 10, 2018ClosedBrenda.chagoya@houstontx.gov
T26426 Case ManagementRFPHoAPClosed
T26424 Data Collection and AnalyticsRFPHCDNovember 14, 2017ClosedConley.jackson@houstontx.gov
T26406 Master Program Manager Disaster Related ProjectsRFPHoAPNovember 3, 2017ClosedBrenda.chagoya@houstontx.gov
HCD19-77Disaster Recovery Residential Inspection ServicesGSA AgreementHoAPSeptember 23, 2022OpenAnthony.Vargas@houstontx.gov
HCD18-79CDBG Disaster Recovery Information Management SystemGSA Contract 14-1 and I AgreementHoAPDecember 24, 2017ClosedAnthony.Vargas@houstontx.gov

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFAs)

Solicitation NumberTitleDescriptionProgram AreaDate DueStatusBuyer EmailAdditional Resources
T31123 Single Family Home Development ProgramNOFA Hardy Yards WorkForce HownershipSingle Family Development ProgramMarch 31,2022OpenTywana.rhone@houstontx.gov NOFA Pre Proposal Session

NOFA Pre Proposal Presentation
T29938 Harvey Public ServicesPublic Services NOFAPublic ServicesJuly 22, 2021ClosedTywana.rhone@houstontx.govPre-Proposal Conference
T29924 Disaster Recovery DR-17Multifamily NOFA Round 3MultifamilyJuly 2, 2021ClosedTywana.rhone@houstontx.govNOFA 3rd Round Pre-Proposal Conference

Presentation Slides
T29701 Economic Development
Dream Fund ProgramEconomic DevelopmentDecember 22, 2020ClosedTywana.rhone@houstontx.govView Conference
T29391 Disaster Recovery DR-17Small Rental NOFAMultifamilyJune 12, 2020ClosedTywana.rhone@houstontx.gov
T29314 Disaster Recovery DR-17MULTIFAMILY Round 2MultifamilyMarch 13, 2020ClosedTywana.rhone@houstontx.govHousing Pre Proposal Conference 2020 Video
T29076 Harvey Public ServicesNOFAPublic ServicesJuly 25, 2019Closed Tywana.rhone@houstontx.gov
T28910 Disaster Recovery DR-17NOFA Multifamily MultifamilyMarch 29, 2019 Closed Tywana.rhone@houstontx.gov

Awarded Contracts

Solicitation NumberContractor / Subrecipient NameDescriptionProgram AreaContract End DateStatusContract Documents
T29638 MIG, Inc.Planning ServicesCOH2/9/23OpenView Contract
T29581 ONE Architecture Inc.Planning ServicesCOH1/16/23OpenView Contract
T29500 Reinvestment Fund Inc.Planning ServicesCOH9/29/22OpenView Contract
T29675 SWA GroupPlanning ServicesCOH4/6/23OpenView Contract
AECC Inc.Plan Review, Cost AnalysisMultifamily6/1/22OpenView Contract
Terracon Consultants Inc., DBA HBC Terracon, Inc.Lead- Asbestos-Mold-Inspections ServicesHoAP10/14/21ClosedView Contract
I03343 EMC Research, Inc.DR17 Planning StudyPGM6/30/21OpenView Contract
Outreach StrategistProfessional Research and Planning ServicesPGM6/30/22OpenView Contract
American Democracy InstituteExecutive Coaching and Leadership DevelopmentHCDD12/31/19ClosedView Contract
Sklar MediaBusiness Process AnalystHoAP3/31/20ClosedView Contract
T26599 ICF Incorporated LLCOutreach , Intake and Case Management ServicesHoAP11/8/20OpenView Contract
1st Amendment
Q26671 Burghli HomesHousing Construction and Repair ServicesHoAP2/5/24OpenView Contract
1st Amendment
Q26671 DSW HomesHousing Construction and Repair ServicesHoAP2/5/24OpenView Contract
1st Amendment
Q26671 JW TurnerHousing Construction and Repair ServicesHoAP2/5/24OpenView Contract
1st Amendment
Q26671 SLSCO, Ltd.Housing Construction and Repair ServicesHoAP2/5/24OpenView Contract
1st Amendment
Exectuted Amendments
Q26671 TegrityHousing Construction and Repair ServicesHoAP2/5/24ClosedView Contract
Termination Notice
1st Amendment
HCD19-77Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.Inspection ServicesHoAP9/23/22OpenView Contract
T26406 Aptim Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.Management Services for Disaster Related ProjectsHoAP7/31/19ClosedView Contract
Houston Modular InstallationFurniture RemovalHoAP8/31/20ClosedView Contract
Houston Modular InstallationFurniture StorageHoAP6/30/21OpenView Contract
Simplifile, LCe-Recording servicesHoAP9/15/22OpenView Contract
Astro Apparel and Uniform LLCPolo shirtsHoAP10/30/20OpenView Contract
ARC Light Electric, Inc.Electrial ServicesHoAP8/31/20ClosedView Contract
B2Know/Ask Reply, Inc.LCP tracker annual service feeCompliance5/14/20ClosedView Contract
B2Know/Ask Reply, Inc.LCP tracker annual service feeCompliance5/15/22OpenView Contract
L24738 Houston ModularFurniture Relocation Service-Partial DR-17COH10/20/20ClosedView Contract
L26401 Midtown Central Square LLCLease AgreementHCDD2/22/29OpenView Contract

1st Amendment

2nd Amendment
L26401 Enterprise Rent A Car DBA ENVehicle Leasing ServiceCOH6/30/23OpenView Contract
T29297 Baker Donelson

Ballard SPA HR, LLP

Barry Barnes & Associates

Best Best & Krieger
Legal ServicesHCDD4/14/24OpenView Contract

Building Community WorkshopOutreach Engagement PlanHCDD6/27/18ClosedView Contract
Contract Resource Group LLCFurniture WorkstationHCDD10/22/18ClosedView Contract
Astro ApparelPolo ShirtsHCDD11/12/19ClosedView Contract
Astro ApparelPolo ShirtsHCDD3/15/19ClosedView Contract
Robert Earl BrownT.V. InstallationHCDD4/5/19ClosedView Contract
Robert Earl BrownModular InstallationHCDD5/7/19ClosedView Contract
Veritiv OperatingPaper BondHCDD6/7/19ClosedView Contract
Coalition of Community OrganizationPaper BondHCDD9/12/19ClosedView Contract
Asakura Robinson Company, LLC.Consultant ServicesMultifamily6/30/22OpenView Contract
January Advisors LLCHousing ConsultingHCDD6/30/22OpenView Contract
Mandy Chapman Semple - 1Disaster Recovery - ConsultingHOAP6/29/18ClosedView Contract
Mandy Chapman Semple - 2Disaster Recovery - ConsultingHOAP9/14/19ClosedView Contract
Mandy Chapman Semple - 3Disaster Recovery - ConsultingHOAP12/31/18ClosedView Contract
American Democracy Institute Inc Dba Impact CenterExecutive CoachingHCDD7/17/19ClosedView Contract
Brunilda Santiago RevisedLegal Services - HarveyHOAP8/23/19ClosedView Contract
January AdvisorsDisaster Recovery ConsultingHOAP9/12/18ClosedView Contract
Contract Resource Group, L.L.C.Installation - 4tth floor -2100 TravisHCDD1/28/20ClosedView Contract
Midtown Central Square Llc Dr-17 Harvey GloMarch - July Lease 2019- 4th FloorFacilities1/31/20ClosedView Contract
Crg Texas Environmental ServicesPhase I Environmental Site AssessmentMultifamily3/13/20ClosedView Contract
Wrike IncWrike LicensesHCDD4/2/20ClosedView Contract
Midtown Central Square Llc Dr-17 Harvey GloOffice Build Out - 4th FloorFacilities4/26/20ClosedView Contract
Professional Janitorial Service OfDay Porter Services - 4th FloorFacilities5/17/20ClosedView Contract
Midtown Central Square Llc Dr-17 Harvey GloTI Expedite Jan 15 for Final -Level 4Facilities5/23/20ClosedView Contract
Tetra Tech IncCDBG DR HARVEYHOAP6/3/20ClosedView Contract
Xactware Solutions IncLICENSE, APPLICATION, SOFTWARE ASSURANCEHCDD6/11/20ClosedView Contract
Masterword Services IncDisaster Recovery Document TranslationHOAP7/22/20ClosedView Contract
Midtown Central Square LlcAugust Lease 2019 thru January 2020 4th floorFacilities7/24/20ClosedView Contract
Professional Janitorial Service OfDay Porter Services - 4th FloorFacilities7/22/20ClosedView Contract
Shape Community CenterFair Housing Ambassador ProgramPlanning8/2/20ClosedView Contract
Korean Journal Houston Inc.Fair Housing Ambassador ProgramPlanning8/9/20ClosedView Contract
Best Blue Print LlcFlooded in Harvey SignsHCDD8/23/20ClosedView Contract
Kevin BlackwellTREC InspectionsHOAP8/26/20ClosedView Contract
The Captioning Company Inc - 1Transcription Services -Town HallHOAP8/29/20ClosedView Contract
Sojourners Of The Earth CorporationDisaster Recovery Debris Removal ServiceHOAP9/13/20ClosedView Contract
Xactware Solutions IncLICENSE, APPLICATION, SOFTWARE ASSURANCE RevisedHCDD10/15/20ClosedView Contract
Xactware Solutions IncXACTWARE ONE TIME SET-UP FEEHCDD10/15/20ClosedView Contract
Texas Housing AssociationHQS TrainingHCDD10/16/20ClosedView Contract
Enterprise Rent A Car DbaLease for SUV-DR-HarveyHCDD10/22/20ClosedView Contract
Masterword Services IncCDBG-MIT ACTION PLAN (DRAFT)Planning12/10/20ClosedView Contract
Wrike IncWrike License Renewal - DRHCDD12/10/19ClosedView Contract
Postlethwaite & Netterville ApacStaff Augmentation ConsultingHOAP2/21/21ClosedView Contract
Weebble Services LlcDebris Removal Services - 9314 RichlandSingle Family3/17/20ClosedView Contract
Weebble Services LlcDebris Removal Services - 3102 Florida St.Single Family4/1/20ClosedView Contract
Aecc IncGale Winds - Plan Review/Cost EstimateMultifamily5/22/20ClosedView Contract
Midtown Central Square Llc Dr-17 Harvey GloAugust Lease thru July 2021- 4th floorFacilities7/16/20ClosedView Contract
Professional Janitorial Service GloDay Porter Services - 4th floorHCDD7/17/20ClosedView Contract
Xactware Solutions IncXactimate SubscriptionSingle Family7/31/21ClosedView Contract
Surveymonkey IncHEDP Online ApplicationHCDD12/8/21ClosedView Contract
Sq Environmental LlcEnvironmental ServicesHCDD2/22/21ClosedView Contract
Baker Donelson BearmanLEGAL SERVICES, HOUSINGHCDD4/5/22OpenView Contract
Weebble Services Llc5926 Ridgeway Dr.Single Family5/6/22OpenView Contract
Gary Brown & Associates, IncBiscayne Appraisal ServiceMultifamily6/14/22OpenView Contract
Enterprise Rent A Car DbaVehicle Leasing - HPWSingle Family7/12/22OpenView Contract
Midtown Central Square Llc Dr-17 Harvey GloAugust Lease thru October 2021 4th floorFacilities7/16/22OpenView Contract
Professional Janitorial Service Dr-17 Haravey GloDay Porter Services - 4th floorFacilities7/30/22OpenView Contract
Surveymonkey IncSurvey Monkey Subscription RenewallHCDD10/21/22OpenView Contract

Contract Procurement Reports

Upcoming Funding Opportunities

Subject to change

DescriptionProgram AreaAnticipated DateAnticipated Amount
Large Tract Development-Receiving Applications for developing Stella Link for $17 million acquisition and TBD million site improvementsHCDDJuly 2022$17 million
Large Tract Development-Receiving Applications for developing a site located at HWY 288 for $17 million acquisition and TBD million site improvementsHCDDJuly 2022$17 million
Applications for financing Public Service activities related to Hurricane Harvey HCDDJuly 2022$20 million