Amber and Brian Reynolds

Amber and Brian Reynolds had been living in their home in Memorial for only a few months when Hurricane Harvey hit. Their home is already elevated off the street, but when the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs were released, two feet of water entered their home. “We both went to bed, not laughing about it, but not taking the news too seriously,” said Mr. Reynolds. “Then we woke up to our cars being underwater.” They lost most of their possessions on the first floor of their home and took a kayak to save their belongings on the upper floor.

Mrs. Reynolds, an elementary school teacher, learned about the Build it Forward program from a friend living in Sugar Land. When they found that they could qualify to receive a reimbursement, they were shocked and grateful. “Everyone was so nice, open-armed, and helped us through the whole process, but it did take a while.” The reimbursement will allow the Reynolds to “catch up” from what they spent repairing the infrastructure of their home. “The process was easy itself, it’s just, you gotta be patient,” both Reynolds agree. But, adds Mr. Reynolds, “All good things are worth waiting for, right?” Now, with repairs completed, they have a nice, secure home where their daughter Harper (and puppy Aspen), will grow up.

Reimbursement on repairs is often the fastest option we offer in our Homeowner Assistance Program, especially for families in later Priority Groups. To get started, take the Harvey Recovery Survey.